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Text: Products, interiors, events, ideas
Small screen for the nursery
A folding screen made of natural coloured cardboard has been designed for small children by Enzo Marifor Danese, Milan. The screen is made of one 90 by 300 cm sheet and folds like a concertina. Top and bottom are cut to a random profile and there are various cut-out holes for looking through. One side also has coloured pictures printed on it of stairs, walls, water, the sun, etc. as a background for different play situations.
Make your own lampshades
These new paper lights come packed flat and are easily put together without glue or scissors. They are made of translucent card which gives a bright even light, in white or in a choice of colours with a stratum design-yellow/pink, yellow/green, green/blue, turquoise/violet and orange/pink. The Cubelight can be used as a pendant fitting, or as a freestanding table light or, by placing two or three on top of each other, as a column of light. The paper shade is sold in a 12-inch-square plastic pack with full instructions for assembly. The six panels make up into a rigid cube structure 10 inches square. Cubelights are designed and marketed by Staples and Gray and cost 15s 9d for the white one or 19s 9d for the coloured ones.
New lines for domesticity
The circular table (shown below with two Magistretti chairs) is part of three new ranges of domestic furniture by Conran and Co. It has a central pedestal and a white Melamine laminate top, 45 inches in diameter. The table is 28 inches high and costs 26 5s.
The storage system, below right, is called Stowaway. It is built up from five units - an open shelf unit, a cupboard unit, a four-drawer unit, a record storage unit, and a plinth. The boxes are stained dark brown; backs, shelves, doors and drawers are in natural beech; the units are fitted together on pins. An open shelf unit measures 20 by 20 by 14 inches, and costs 510s, including an adjustable shelf. A drawer unit costs 11.12s. The record storage unit is stained bright red and fits into the open shelf unit; it costs 3. 9s.
All the new ranges were launched at the Cologne Furniture Fair earlier this year. Other designs include a beech and white Melamine sideboard, an extending dining table, a coffee table, a rectangular double pedestal table, and a range of armless upholstered sofas and easy chairs.
Products, interiors, events, ideas
Designs on carpets
These five carpets are among new patterns brought out recently. Below left, is one of 18 contract designs by Youghal Carpets, 914/854 in olive and brown (or colours to order). Centre is Gaya 802 one of a range of Gilt Edge carpets by Sir Nicholas Sekers which match Sekers's upholstery fabrics. The other three carpets are part of the Studio 3 contract range manufactured by 1. & C. Steele and Tomkinsons Ltd. These are from its second edition, co-ordinated by Margaret Casson. Patio, lower left, by Mary Yonge, is an Axminster in four Quadraform, lower centre, is by Humphrey Spender and comes in three colourways; both are 27 inches wide. Volution, right, by Margaret Casson, is a Wilton made in four qualities and two widths, in four colourways.
Nothing dead about Dodo
Those who think - along with Flook of the Daily Mail - that only the 40s are in, should take a look at Dodo Designs. Edwardian Gaiety girl cushions mix with 1930s life-size cut" out figures, and Victoriana still sells alongside pop. Latest additions to their range include a 1930s "Out there in the sunshine with you" apron and tin tray, right, designed by Barry Zaid, and a pop Babe Rainbow tin picture by Peter Blake, far right. The apron costs 1 7s Ed, the tray 6s 11 d and the tin picture 29s Ed (all retail). Dodo are also bringing out a Strong man set of three cushions by Rosalind Dease to match her Rosie (DESIGN 223/61). For the Union Jack brigade there are aprons, tea caddies, trays, bedspreads and cushions, and a painted rubber head of Britannia. For anarchists there is a round black candle inscribed BOMB and another, long thin one, inscribed DYNAMITE.
~ Designs on cards
Students at the London College of Printing have designed an interesting series of playing cards; about 17 students in the third year of their ; DipAD course worked on the project. Their design lecturers, Klaus Friedeberger and Norman Jenkinson, encouraged them to look at the problem without traditional restrictions but at the same time thedesigns had to be suitable for the usual card games. As part of the exercise, the British Museum made up a small exhibition of playing cards so that the students could research the historical background.
These examples of the student card designs are, top, by John Lloyd and Pat Latham, bottom, by Joe Sayer and Susan Carter. Susan Carter's art nouveau designs were also on display recently at an exhibition, held at Reed House, Piccadilly, of graphic and other work by full-time students in the design department at the London College of Printing.
This way to the animals
Colin Banks and John Miles are redesigning the signing, tickets, menus, and general house style for Whipsnade Zoo. The signposts are already in use, and in a 500-acre park with four miles of public way they are very important. The main posts, also designed by Banks and Miles, are of painted aluminium angle and take up to 16 fingerboards in four directions. Graphics are based on Helvetica Letraset, colours were chosen to inform clearly without shouting.
Products, interiors, events, ideas
Top designs from the US
The Brooklyn Museum, New York, recently staged an exhibition of items selected by the editors of Industrial Design for their 14th annual Design Review. Of over 1,000 entries, 130 items were chosen, divided into six categories: business and industrial equipment, furnishings, scientific equipment, graphics, consumer products, and environmental design. Selected items included the Lincoln Center poster, above, designed by Frank Stellar a fourpanel screen, above right, made of square steel tubing and canvas, designed by William Schickel for Helikon; a spotlight with a polished chrome (or painted) reflector sphere and black lacquered steel wire frame, right, designed by E. Whiting for Raymor; and far right, a glass fibre " planter" with individual bucket seats, designed by B. Curry for Design Line, Inc.
Shell-house for holidaymakers
The Guscio shell-house, which has won an Italian Compasso d'Oro award, was designed by Roberto Menghi and made by Industria Composizioni Stampate and Xilografa Milanese. It consists of four panels transportable. The 40 mm thick walls and roof are of expanded polyurethane foam sandwiched between reinforced polyester panels. The means of two prefabricated concrete semi-circles and will withstand storms. All wood is treated with fireresistant or anti-mould paint. Each house can accommodate two beds, a wardrobe,and a table and chairs. By roof. It can be erected by two workmen in seven hours and is easily houses can be joined together, left, and kitchen, bathroom etc. added.



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